"iPAD Cameroon was well organised and very interactive. The conference covered all the critical areas in regional integration of the energy sector in Central Africa and beyond. As KGRTC, we managed to interact with all the stakeholders. In addition to the conference we had meetings one-on-one with officials from various utilities and organisations. Spintelligent keep it up with fruitful innovations to ensure maximum exposure by all." Aydlinn Liswama, Relations Manager, Kafue Gorge

"The second addition of iPAD Cameroon seemed well organised compared to previous. Key players in the industry participated and discussions were focused on how to improve power generation in Cameroon. New energy sources explored and ambition to make projects come to reality. Sessions timely driven and attended by subject matter experts who shared experience and best practices. Good opportunity to meet all the key players and prospects in the energy field. Only limitation is the quality of the facility hosting the event."
Jean-Arsène Yerima, Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank

"The forum is an essential catalyst for inter-stakeholder discussions. Thermal energy is the guarantee of efficiency for any energy mix and especially in Africa! Wartsila is therefore a key player in a winning energy mix through its Smart Power Generation concept."Bertrand Mbouck, Directeur Général, Wartsila Afrique Centrale

Image: Our Sponsors interacting with delegates at iPAD Cameroon 2016

"It is interesting to bring together as many actors on the same space. The exchange of business cards after the presentations shows that actors involved in the same field do not necessarily know each other." 

Eugène Shema, Journal du Cameroun

"iPAD is an excellent vector to learn about the regional sectorial situation and meet the local players as well as potential business partners."

Mr Malon, Managing Director, M. Energy

"Good and professional organisation. Space for exchange and sharing. Besides the business aspect, interesting meetings on the human level."

Ernest Pouhe, Société générale

"The organisation is great with a broad cross section of participants."

Tanto Hycinth, Managing Director, Maison Solaire

"National and international experts gathered to explore the horizon on a subject."

David Mawo, Marketing and sales Manager, Gaz du Cameroun

"Strong representation from competent players in a promising market."

David Bower, Vice President, AFC

"Very good organization. Good rhythm of the conference sessions and great interest."

Francois Pelletier, Directeur Général, Logicom

Image: Delegates interacting and networking at iPAD Cameroon 2016