• How to strategically exploit the country’s hydro and thermal resources to back up LPU’s need
  • How to develop a sustainable business with a financial and legal framework
  • What are the latest investment trends available for a safe ROI
  • How to diversify the Central Africa energy mix to ensure a consistent power supply
  • Status on grid infrastructure: How to provide an efficient T&D network


  • Reorganising T&D infrastructure and efficiency with a stable institutional framework under direct responsibility through SONATREL, currently working with PWC
  • Involving the Central African Energy Pool (PEAC) which has potential for interconnection and energy integration in CEMAC and CEEAC to facilitate trade exchanges
  • There is a need and a willingness from the stakeholders to create a professional association under a ‘steering committee’ reporting to the MINEE
  • Redefining the government vision (PSE 2030) on both a local and global level to ensure a sustainable development and investment programme
  • Developing a risk management policy with the implication from the state to introduce mechanisms of guarantee such as those offered by the World Bank